API Documentation

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GET /api/get_ga_data


Parameter Description
id The ID code of the requested giveaway.


Name Type Description
success boolean (true/false) Wether or not the query was successful.
response object The response of the query, if successful.
response.gid integer The ID of the requested giveaway again.
response.type string (reward/competition) Weither or not the requested giveaway is a reward or competition (involves winning chance).
response.title string The title of the requested giveaway.
response.by string The name of the owner of the requested giveaway.
response.image string The header image URL of the requested giveaway, if available.
response.description string The description of the requested giveaway, if available.
response.steps array An array of objects, that include information about the steps of the requested giveaway.
response.steps[].type string The type of the step, prefixed with an social id (st = steam, tw = twitter, ot = other).
response.steps[].value string The value of the step related to the type.