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Ongoing Giveaways

Below you can see a collection of ongoing giveaways powered by Prys:

Entered Giveaway Description By Steps
Jigsaw Pieces - Romance / Instant Steam Key RewardSteam keys for the game Jigsaw Pieces. This giveaway has nothing to do with the original game dev. Test giveaway, but codes are valid. Divertic7
AnyWay! - 1,000 crystals - 500 KEYSEYEFRONT6
Tap Adventure: Time Travel - Beginner's PackGuild of Adventurers released pack for the novice heroes, to boost their survivability in these harsh lands of the Patch-World. Get powerful artifact: Chronosphere, that will boost your gain of runestones. In case, if you already have it maxed, you'll receive extra 5000 rune stones instead. Pack of basic resources, that will be useful in any cases: 100 manacoins and 50 tokens. Advanced set of the books: 5 Gratogorres, 3 Tome of Shields, 2 Wizard's Notes and one Summon Friend! Also, 20 chests and keys will help you to get upgrade your new heroes! Rewards can be added to your account after a restart.code4you8
Forge of Gods: Twilight packAre you ready for thrilling journey? The Twilight Destroyers Pack is a great choice for the true adventurer to get a quick start in Forge of Gods! List of incredibly powerful creatures you will get: Petulant Pumpkin Winged Vixen Solar Nestling Raven Transform Three-headed Dog Damned Lady Rush to FORGE your own GODS in this huge and dangerous fantasy world of Pangea!code4you8
Pokemon Crush Collectors EditionPokemon Crush Collectors EditionBurakakdoqan4
[ITCH]Anti MosquitoBurakakdoqan8
3x Bullet Life 2010 (Steam)Enter to get a free steam key for Bullet Life 2010 & DLC. Unfortunately, some are already redeemed, and we cannot determine which ones exactly. Therefore, we allow you to get up to 3 steam keys!Revadike3
New Years Giveaway - 2018 Random Itch.io Keys Happy new year everyone!ChaoticSheep7
Roller coaster make you scream itch game instant giveawayJoin the following groups and claim yours keyBluerah13
Instant Giveaway: 1K Itch.io LittleCube keysGet your free Itch.io LittleCube key now! ❤ ChaoticSheep5
The Lost Man2D Platfrom GameBurakakdoqan9